How physic are you? My Review on ‘Medium’

Anyone remember when the TV show ‘Medium’ was on? I might have seen an episode here or there when it was airing, but I didn’t get around to watching all the episodes until just recently. As there being seven seasons, it took some time to watch them all.

I liked how I could just get on Netflix and start watching one after the other with no commercials. It didn’t take long before I became hooked to the TV show. I couldn’t watch them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but that’s ok, the show always left me wondering what could happen next. Somewhere after the 4th season or so, some of the episodes became a little strange to me, hard to tell if it was a dream or not.

What really got me though, was the ending. I wasn’t even aware that it was the last episode, the Finale. I think it was only episode eight, surely I thought since the rest of the seasons had a lot more episodes, this one would too. But I was obviously wrong. I won’t spoil the show for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet and wants to see it. I just watched the last episode of ‘Medium’ and I couldn’t even put into words how it made me feel other than totally and truly shocked.

I would definitely recommend watching this show for those of you out here that like extraordinary things, those that like crime shows, those that like watching family shows. However, I would not recommend this show to those who are faint of heart or children under 10 (unless adult’s ok with it). All in all, it was a great TV series and am sad it’s over.


Out Of Town Weekend

Another adventurous weekend. It started out late Friday afternoon. Manda and I had decided that we would head out to central Iowa to visit some relatives. We didn’t get out of here until about 6:30 or so Friday night. We had headed out at 5:15, stopped at my sister’s friend’s house so she could hold her baby. I have seen plenty of babies, but he was the youngest baby I remember holding. Such tiny fingernails, he had. Being only two days old, he fell asleep in my sister’s arms. Her friend also has three older girls who seemed to me, to like company. One of the girls asked us if we wanted to stay for spaghetti, but since it was already after 6 and we still had to make a two and 1/2 hour trip to get to our destination, we had to decline on the invite. Really nice family.

We finally got out of town when it was close to 7, leaving us with a little over an hour of sunlight to drive in. Since we hadn’t eaten anything for supper, we decided to stop in Waterloo to get something to eat as we continued driving. It was about 9 when we showed up at one of our aunt’s house.

Saturday, Manda and I went down to the Des Moines area to visit some more relatives. Well, that and to pick up some stuff our other sister ordered. Neither Manda nor I could believe how much stuff she got. Two full bags, and the one was heavy. It was quite windy/breezy, but the breeze felt nice with the heat. We sat and visited on the screened-in porch with the doors/windows open. Then it decided to start raining so when wind blew in, it brought a little bit of water…feeling good but then downpoured so we had to close the screens for a bit.

That night back up north, we had a bon fire. Not making it easy to find a place or to stay going, the wind blew and blew. First time having s’mores for the season. My cousin and his oldest boy were the ones roasting he marshmallows. Just in kindergarten, he sure could get those marshmallows golden brown, before he left, told him he was an expert on getting hem just right.

On our way home today, we fought the wind the entire way. I wanted to make a pit stop but all the towns at the exits you had to go one way or the other for several miles down the road. I eventually took the one that said Steamboat Rock–3 miles. I have never been to that town before, but from what I saw, it looked like a nice little quaint town.


Morning Visit

Up for another interesting blog anyone? I ran an errand for my sister, who lives in the next town over and needed baking powder to finish making banana bread. I pull into her driveway and before I even get a chance to get out of my car, she’s outside as far on the sidewalk to the driveway she could get because she didn’t have shoes on.

Mind you, she’s got three bigger-sized dogs living with her and her boyfriend. Hiccup ended up spotting me when I got out of the car; and I could hear him barking his head off. My sister told me I might as well go inside to see the dogs, now that I’ve been spotted. I barely get in the door and the door shut when Hiccup (he’s nicknamed the horse) stands up on his back legs and wants my full attention. Well, he was up and down and managed to scratch me a good one on my arm. Instant bruise on one of the scratches, and he managed to get me scratch me just right that it started to bleed.

I can’t say I don’t blame him though, I’m not sure when the last time he got to see me. After a few minutes, he settled down and stopped jumping up. He really is a good boy when he’s not all hyped up. He’s still just a puppy yet, so that probably doesn’t help his cause. I had Piper curl up next to me on the couch and layed her head on my lap. She is just sooo soft and so skinny compared to Beauty. Then there’s Charlie, a really quiet boy. He’s the shortest of the three, but he’ll let you cuddle with him.

I was also able to have a conversation with Cass to catch up on life. It was good to see her again.


Update on ‘What Do You Think About This?’

For those who have read my recent blog on Alice, a boxer mix found online, I have an update for you. So last night before I went to bed, I was determined to see Alice in person. I got to the Humane Society a few minutes before they opened and waited for them to open up. As soon as they were open, I went in and went straight to the dog section. At the time I entered, there was no staff at the front desk, but I knew my way around the dog section. I came across three dogs in front that weren’t Alice, so I kept walking around the square or rectangular shape. I got to the last side and spotted her. There was a paper among her info that said ‘adoption pending’. I figure that I would go back out and see if there was anyone at the desk yet, there was. There was also this couple adopting a dog. When the couple went to look at the gift shop, one of the gals behind the desk wanted to know if she could help me. I went up to the counter and asked quietly if they were adopting Alice. She responds back that they were. She also told me that Alice was going to a good home. I’m glad she has a nice place to stay.  I’m happy for Alice!

I just thought I’d share the update with those who read ‘What do you think about this?’ blog.


What do you think of this?

For those dog lovers out there, I have to share this with you. Don’t worry if your not a dog lover, you can read this too, I’m not trying to exclude anyone here.

So this story (true story by the way), started because one day, within this past week, I decided to take a look at the dog breeds out there these days and decide which ones I would want to have. Where I’m staying right now, won’t let me get another dog. I knew this ahead of time, but it never hurts to just look. Well, on the right side of the webpage they had a link to searching for a puppy. I clicked on that link, but to my misfortune it took me to a page where it said the page was no longer there.

So then I went to the local humane society webpage just to see if they had any dogs listed for adoption. To my surprise, there were more dogs on there than I thought there would be. Most of the dogs on there were younger dogs. I seen a picture of one of the older dogs and clicked on the picture to give me more details. They had 3 other photographs of Alice (dog’s name). Alice, according to the website, is 7 years and so many months old. Since she is a boxer mix breed, I looked at the side of her in one of the pictures. She looked a lot like the dog I had growing up ’til he passed away in 2004.

I really wanted to get her, but knew that was really unrealistic. Then I went to bed for the night. Well, today I was in town and thought about stopping by the humane society on my way home, but I had ice-cream cone. Then I thought when I’d get home I’d call and ask about her…well that didn’t happen, but I’m thinking I may go in tomorrow morning and see if she’s still available. Because it’s like a sign, like something in my heart needs to have her or have someone I know adopt her so I can visit. I say this because, for starters, she’s a boxer mix, she looks like Chico did when he was alive, just a different color, and last but not least, her name is Alice. Alice was the name of one the parakeets I had growing up.

I know she’s 7 and the life expectancy of dogs are shorter than humans, but it’s like I need to at least need to see her and if she’s still there and if I see her and a connection like when I adopted my dog from there 6 or 7 years ago….you just never know, the next time I write I may have found her a permanent home.


Distracted yet?

The reason I’m blogging about distractions is because the other day I was riding with my Manda and one of my aunts. My aunt decided to let Manda drive home and let me have the front seat while she rode in the back seat. Something about a county fair south of where I live came up and Eric Church was mentioned. So I went to look up to see who (besides Eric Church and Toby Keith) would be there this summer. I was pretty sure she had sent me a message about it on Facebook, kept scrolling up and up but never came across anything. So then I thought maybe she had texted the message to me, but since I had gotten a new phone less than a year ago, it only went back so far. Anyway, since I had been looking at my phone and had my head down, after I found the information I wanted to know, I looked up to see that we were in the left lane (which no big deal had it been a 4 lane road) and I’m like, “why are you driving on this side of the road?” Luckily there was no one in front of us or anything and I hadn’t seen anything in the right lane (the lane we were supposed to be on) So I was confused to as why we were on that side and her response was, “I’m passing someone.” I look again and still don’t see anyone and said something about that. Apparently the car was in what they call the “blind spot”.

That’s just one story of distraction coming into play. Now, I’m going to try to make this blog relate to my listeners/readers out there. I’m sure everyone’s heard the definition of “distraction,” but if not, it means someone or something takes your attention away from what you were doing; can be for a long time or just a short time. The amount of time doesn’t make a difference, a distraction’s a distraction no matter the length. Now how many of you will admit to having been distracted at least once at some point in their lifetime? Come on over there, you, the one who is listening and then something random pops into your head.

The first part is admitting it to yourself, but the next step is admitting it out loud. It’s ok, some of us get easily distracted with the slightest things, and others put on a good act of not showing they were/are distracted. You there, yes, you with the cd in your hand while reading this or even if you go to switch radio stations in your car as you’re driving. Some can do that very well, and others I’ve seen swerve a little this way then that while changing a station.

Or how about those of you who have cell phones? Sure they’re a great invention, but they can be very distracting, not just to yourself but to others around you. Think about if you are in with the doctor (yes, actually talking with the doctor and not just waiting to be seen) and your pocket or purse starts ringing, or worse yet, playing an inappropriate song. I’ve been in movie theaters where all of a sudden a phone starts ringing during a really good, important part of the movie even after the preview right before the movie shows a person answering a phone call. To you it may not be distracting but for others it is.

I’ve also witnessed people texting on their cell phones while driving. You can usually tell if someone’s on their phone, they tend to slow down then speed up or not pay attention to traffic laws or other traffic in general.

Distractions aren’t all bad though. You can have good distractions. Someone brings you a freshly baked cookie, causing a distraction from what you were doing, but a really enjoyable one.  So everyone, go have a good distraction and laugh about it.

Until next time…..iowanchic

“Life Unexpected” anyone?

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing on this fabulous Sunday?

I recently watched this show on Netflix called, “Life Unexpected”. Has anyone else heard of the TV show? I know I hadn’t until one day I was searching on Netflix for a movie to watch. I had read the description when the title popped up, only at that time I wasn’t aware it was a TV  show. Once I clicked on the title to play “Life Unexpected,” that’s when I noticed it was a series. I figured that it still seemed like a good show, so I watched it.

With 26 episodes that were about 42 minutes long apiece, I wasn’t able to watch them all in one day. That was fine with me because it made me wonder what would happen next. With each episode I watched, it was like I was there watching this happen in front of me, that’s how close I felt to the show. “Life Unexpected” really captured my attention. The show was filled with surprises and action.

Lux, the teenage girl the show revolved around, was always up to something, or something always was happening to her. As she says in the movie, “I’m not normal”. First of all, what is normal? And second, if she was a “normal” kid, the show wouldn’t have been so interested. A lot has happened to her in her lifetime before they started airing the show, which was why she did and said the things that happened in the show. She grew up in and out of foster care until she ended up finding her birth father and mother.

I’m not going to spoil the TV show for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I would highly recommend watching “Life Unexpected.” Especially if you’re into drama or real-life situations. Heck, I would recommend just watching it anyway, because they definitely have situations in there that you may not even believe could happen, but happen in people’s lives all around the world in real life.

Unfortunately, the show was discontinued after only two seasons because of the rankings. Had I known about this show in 2010, I would have been watching it then. Thanks for listening.

Until next time, iowanchic

Dog Story

How many of you out there own a dog? Ok, now those who have raised their hands, have you ever had to clean up after them when they get sick? Out of four dogs here, and three of those four only lose their fur when it’s shaved. Victor, the black miniature schnauzer, has been having problems lately with poop getting stuck on his fur. Even though his butt has been shaved time and time again, for some reason he still has problems with poop remaining after he goes outside. He’s not the only one that’s had that problem, but he’s the dog with the most problems. So, not only do the dog’s butts need to be cleaned, but if it’s bad enough sometimes furniture needs to be cleaned.

Well, tonight we’re sitting here watching NCIS: Los Angeles, I could smell this awful smell. To be honest it smelt like dog poop. Manda said a dog probably farted. The smell disappeared and then when Sasha (gray miniature schnauzer) moved, could smell it again. At that point it wasn’t evident what was really going on. Sasha happened to be up on the couch with me and she got up (not sure where she was headed, she just stood on the footrest of the couch) and then I could see it. This had to have been the worst case of doggy “accident” I’ve seen. It was liked she sat and pooped because it was all over, smashed into her gray fur. Plus it had smelt awful.

That’s my story for today. I was going to blog about something else, but when Manda had suggested it, it did seem kind of funny. Although it was a poor situation for the dog to be in. All in all, she’s all better now. Sorry for not having wrote in days.


This blog is different than the others I have written. I don’t normally talk about difficult topics because I can only go off of what I know, but today I’m going to try to write about a difficult topic. So, if I haven’t lost you already, please bare with me.

Anyone yet reading this? If there is anyone out there, have you ever went through a difficult decision? Keep the baby or give it up for adoption? Put down your best friend or let him/her die naturally? Let a loved one stay on life support in hopes they’ll be alright again or to pull the plug?

I have gone through plenty of decisions that some of you might think are simple decisions, like, do I say something or keep it to myself? It’s hard to know which decision to go with, without knowing the outcomes of either decision. I could decide that telling someone how I feel and next thing I know, someone’s doing a welfare check on me. But if I don’t choose to tell anyone, am I going to be ok, or is something bad going to happen?

There are times where I’ll look at the contacts on my phone, then close the contacts page. Whether or not I contact them just to talk to them. Then my head usually decides not to contact them. Is it a good thing or not to contact them? Listen to your heart people say. Well for those who say listen to your heart, has your head ever disagreed with your heart? For me, that’s something I struggle with and am working on.

All About Beauty Today

Today is totally about Beauty. She was born December 19, 2005. I didn’t get her until ’til autumn of 2008. I went into the Humane Society one day with a friend just to look at all the different dogs they had there. A lot of barking went on from all sorts of dogs. Beauty wasn’t like the rest, she had barked originally when I had came into the room, but she soon settled down and quit barking. She was actually the last dog on the left side. When I saw her, there was this connection between us. It was like she wanted me to take her and give her a permanent home.

A week or so had went by and I had talked to my family about this dog in the Humane Society and how I wanted to get a dog.  Since there were already 4 dogs living here at the time, we brought them all in (good thing three of them were smaller dogs) so we could see if it would work out if Beauty was okay with our dogs. Actually, not knowing the rules, my mom had the other dogs with and she did the socialization between the dogs. I had said something about how we should probably tell the staff at the Humane Society that’s what we wanted to do because I’m sure they would have done it themselves just in case the dogs we had wouldn’t et along with Beauty. Yes, that’s the name the Humane Society had for her and I had decided to keep it the same after thinking about it. Why change her name after she’s been used to it. She had been in the Humane Society for a little while is what one of the staff members told me.

The day I was to get her and take her home, my dad was there with me while they were trying to get Beauty out of her pen. She was super Dogsexcited to be getting out of there. My dad had seen the staff lady try to get her leashed and brought out, he (my dad) tried to convince me to get a different dog. I had wanted her, but he was concerned that if she was that much of a problem to get her out and everything, that she might not be the right dog to get. So I had looked at a couple different dogs, but none compared to Beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I would have adopted another dog but I had the best connection with Beauty. Turns out in the end, he said something about giving Beauty another chance now that she was outside with my mom and she was settled down. Of course I took her. Since she had been there for quite a long time, they gave me a really good deal.

The cage at the Humane Society said she doesn’t get along with other dogs or children. Found them to both be false information. At first when it came to feeding time, she had a few issues but it didn’t take long and now she’s eating and letting the other dogs eat. She lets them pass by her. Although Sasha and Victor are a little afraid to pass by her when she’s lying on the floor, but they don’t need to be. Funny thing is, even though Victor seems scared of her, whenever she comes inside, Victor will bark at her. Beauty just lets him bark at her. I’ve already let them both in at the same time and he’ll still bark at her.

Beauty is rather smart. Since she loves laying outside on the deck and won’t always come back in when you call her name. She’ll let you know when she wants back in. Both the porch door and outside door have the lever handles, so she just lets herself in. She has yet to learn to shut the doors behind her, but then again, I haven’t taught her that. If she really wants outside like someone comes home and she hasn’t seen them in like forever (could just be a day), she’ll let herself out.

This morning, I come into the living room and she’s laying on the couch, but she saved me my spot next to her. I sat down and petted her and rested my head against her back and I dozed off for a half hour. Quality time with my girl. Love her a lot and always will.